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Application & Uses

Emergency preparedness and disaster recovery solutions include:

Compare & Save

Global Portable Buildings are a cost-effective alternative to many of today's housing solutions.  Compare our transportable buildings to:


Hurricane Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

For disaster recovery planning, temporary emergency housing and hurricane preparedness, please call us at 1-888-547-0840, or use our Quick Quote contact form. Global Portable Buildings stocks over 300 multi-purpose portable buildings ready to ship, and we will work with you to deliver the buildings promptly anywhere in the USA or the world. We have inventory throughout the U.S. ready for shipment.

Waterproof Temporary Emergency Housing

Global Portable Buildings delivers temporary emergency shelters and housing for disaster recovery teams. We offer crew quarters and bunkhouses for emergency workers, portable toilets, portable showers, and portable mess halls. Temporary emergency housing for displaced families includes simple units, housing with bathrooms, and complete temporary housing with kitchen, bathroom, and electrical wiring.

Strong as Steel, Wind Resistant up to 100 mph

Our steel buildings are much stronger than tents, wood or plastic dwellings because they are new, ISO standard steel containers and carry a 10 year structural warranty. All units have great resistance to natural disasters, including resistance to winds up to 100 mph (175 mph with anchoring). We deliver emergency shelters to every state in the U.S. and overseas for temporary emergency housing for people displaced by hurricanes or earthquakes.

Requiring no foundations and no structural assembly, our portable buildings can be as simple as an empty box with windows and a door, or they be fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom with shower, living room, bedroom/office, AC 110v/220v electrical wiring, telephone connection, internet connection, solar-powered electricity, windows, doors, insulated finished walls and ceiling, finished linoleum/vinyl floor, etc. Our buildings are in stock, ready to ship, and ready for occupancy.

Emergency Preparedness Organizations

Because of their transportability, versatility, durability, affordability, and excellent warranty, our multi-purpose portable buildings are an effective choice for state owned or private organizations that provide services in areas exposed to hurricanes or affected by earthquakes, floods or natural disasters.

Besides their housing capabilities, our buildings can be transformed into workspaces for several purposes like portable clinics, shelters, military posts, police posts and many other diverse applications.

Being prepared for emergencies before they happen is vital for any organization working on the disaster/emergency areas. We invite you to consider our buildings for your organization: Our company is a leading, worldwide supplier of high-quality portable buildings. Organizations may benefit from a discounted price when buying in large quantities. Guided visits to our Headquarters/Sales Outlet are available.

Contact Us for a Free Quote or More Information

Global Portable Buildings, Inc. is committed to providing high quality products, worldwide fast delivery, and excellent prices. Our specialists will promptly analyze your specific needs and suggest the most efficient, cost-effective solution. Please call us at 1-888-547-0840 or fill out our quick Quote form for fast response.


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